Hyundai Elantra
Petrol engines 1,6, 1,8 and 2,0 l
The diesel engine of 2,0 l
Greasing system
Cooling system
Fuel system
Monitoring systems and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
Ignition system
System of preliminary heating of the diesel engine
Mechanical transmission
- Automatic transmission
   Check of level of a liquid in an automatic transmission
   Liquid replacement in an automatic transmission
   Check of conductivity of the switch of ranges of a transmission (F4A42)
   The switch of ranges of a transmission and adjustment of a cable of management (F4A42)
   Check of work of the lever of the selector (A4AF3)
   Adjustment of the switch of indication of position of the lever of the selector (A4AF3)
   Check of components of an automatic transmission (F4A42)
   Testing of teamwork of an automatic transmission and the engine for the motionless car (F4A42)
   Pressure check трансмиссионной liquids (F4A42)
   Pressure check трансмиссионной liquids (А4AF3)
   Diagnostics function
   Diagnostic codes
   Adjustment of an axial backlash of a reactionary brake (F4A42)
   Adjustment of an axial backlash of a brake of the second transfer (F4A42)
   Adjustment of an axial backlash of a brake of low transfer and backing transfer (F4A42)
   Adjustment of an axial backlash of a solar gear wheel of lowering transfer (F4A42)
   Adjustment of preliminary loading of differential (F4A42)
   Elements of system of hydraulic management
   Identification of bearings of automatic transmission F4A42
   Control lamp of malfunctions (MIL)
   Identification of bearings of automatic transmission F4A43
   Adjustment of the servo-driver of compulsory inclusion of a hill-climbing gear (А4АF3)
   Pressure adjustment in a highway (А4АF3)
   Replacement of an oil sealing ring of a power shaft
   Removal and installation of transmission F4A42
   Removal and installation of transmission A4AF3
   Management of an automatic transmission
   Interlock installation
   Installation of the device of blocking of a key
Power shafts, forward and back axes
Suspension bracket
Brake system
Air central air
The electric equipment
Electric schemes

Elements of system of hydraulic management

The general data

    The hydraulic control system of a transmission consists of following knots:
    1) the Oil pump: creates hydraulic pressure.
    2) the Regulator: supports hydraulic pressure at constant level.
    3) Solenoidal valves: will transform signals TCM to hydraulic pressure.
    4) the Valve of adjustment of pressure: operates the hydraulic pressure, operating on муфты and brakes according to hydraulic pressure from solenoidal valves.
    5) Individual valves: transfer pressure in the pipeline to various маслопроводам.
    These elements are placed in the case of valves.
    Independent electronic control by hydraulic pressure by couplings and brakes at the expense of switching of solenoidal valves provides smooth and very sensitive gear changes. The oil filter is established only in one place. Also, use recently developed трансмиссионной liquids (ATF) provides considerably больший transmission service life. For prevention of leaks ATF from the case of valves, couplings and brakes at the switched off engine, channels of a drainage of valves are connected to the unique drainage channel located in the top point of the case, and in the end of a line water plum the ball shutter is established. At occurrence of electronic malfunction of a control system, the valve of the switchboard and an initial arrangement of valves allow to carry out movement on 3rd transfer or backing transfer.