Hyundai Elantra
Petrol engines 1,6, 1,8 and 2,0 l
The diesel engine of 2,0 l
Greasing system
Cooling system
Fuel system
Monitoring systems and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
Ignition system
System of preliminary heating of the diesel engine
Mechanical transmission
Automatic transmission
Power shafts, forward and back axes
Suspension bracket
Brake system
- Air central air
   The instruction on coolant application
   Remarks at replacement of elements of a central air of air
   Connection of elements of a central air of air
   Safety measures
   Installation of manometres for pressure measurement
   Discharge of a central air of air
   Откачка atmospheric air from a central air
   Connection of the final valve to a cylinder with a coolant
   Gymnastics of a central air of air
   Check of operational characteristics
   Oil for greasing of the compressor of the conditioner
   Check and tension adjustment поликлиновых belts
   The conditioner compressor
   The plug of coupling and pulley of the compressor of the conditioner
   The coil of excitation of coupling
   Check of a backlash of coupling
   The fan, the condenser and the relay
   The gauge of threefold (double) pressure
   The heating and ventilation block
   The fan
   The air filter
   Drive заслонки givings fresh / рециркулируемого air
   Check of the engine of the fan
   Relay check
The electric equipment
Electric schemes

Discharge of a central air of air


    Connect to a central air of air a manometre for pressure measurement. Arrange a towel under the open end of the central hose. Slowly open the valve of a high pressure and discharge air central air.

At a fast discharge of a coolant from air central air, from system compressor oil can flow out.

    Check up, whether there are on a towel oil stains. If it so, smoothly close the valve. After pressure reduction in a central air of air below 3,5 kg/sm2 open the valve of low pressure.
    Open valves of high and low pressure and slowly reduce pressure in air central air while the manometre will not show 0 kg/sm2.