Hyundai Elantra
Petrol engines 1,6, 1,8 and 2,0 l
The diesel engine of 2,0 l
Greasing system
Cooling system
Fuel system
Monitoring systems and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
Ignition system
System of preliminary heating of the diesel engine
Mechanical transmission
Automatic transmission
Power shafts, forward and back axes
Suspension bracket
Brake system
- Air central air
   The instruction on coolant application
   Remarks at replacement of elements of a central air of air
   Connection of elements of a central air of air
   Safety measures
   Installation of manometres for pressure measurement
   Discharge of a central air of air
   Откачка atmospheric air from a central air
   Connection of the final valve to a cylinder with a coolant
   Gymnastics of a central air of air
   Check of operational characteristics
   Oil for greasing of the compressor of the conditioner
   Check and tension adjustment поликлиновых belts
   The conditioner compressor
   The plug of coupling and pulley of the compressor of the conditioner
   The coil of excitation of coupling
   Check of a backlash of coupling
   The fan, the condenser and the relay
   The gauge of threefold (double) pressure
   The heating and ventilation block
   The fan
   The air filter
   Drive заслонки givings fresh / рециркулируемого air
   Check of the engine of the fan
   Relay check
The electric equipment
Electric schemes

The conditioner compressor

Elements of the compressor of the conditioner

1 – the compressor with муфтой
2 – the compressor
3 – the cylinder and a shaft
4 – the forward cylinder
5 – the back cylinder
6 – the plug
7 – ring A of the bearing
8 – the bearing
9 – ring L of the bearing
10 – a disk established at an angle to a shaft
11 – a shaft
12 – колодка
13 – the piston
14 – ring Е of the bearing
15 – a spring
16 – an entrance plate
17 – the block of a forward plate
18 – a forward plate
19 – a hairpin
20 – the block of a back plate
21 – a back plate
22 – an unloading element
23 – a forward lining
24 – a back lining
25 – a sealing ring
26 – back section of the compressor

27 – forward section of the compressor
28 – a bolt
29 – a flat washer
30 – shaft consolidation
31 – a ring
32–1 – consolidation
32–2 – the adjusting plug
32–3 – the adjusting plug
33 – the excitation coil
34 – a pulley
35 – a disk and a nave
36 – a ring
37 – a lining
38 – a bolt
39 – the screw
40 – a socket arm
41 – collector knot
42 – a collector
43 – a branch pipe всасывания
44 – a discharge branch pipe
45 – a safety valve
46 – a sealing ring of round section
47 – a hairpin
48 – a bolt
49 – a wrench
50 – a lining

Removal and installation


    Loosen the a tension also remove a belt of a drive of the compressor of the conditioner.
    Discharge air central air.
    Remove a hose of a discharge and soaking up hose.
    Remove the conditioner compressor. Immediately close all open apertures and tubes for an exception of hit of a moisture of air in air central air. Installation is spent to sequences, return to removal.